Waikuta Lakeside Lodge and Retreat

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The Retreat

5 Star Luxury accommodation offering 4 spacious bedrooms with private En-suite Bathrooms. Luxury Lakeside Spa pool available all year. more info

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The Lodge

4 Star Luxury accommodation offering 6 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, 2 Super King Bedrooms with En-Suites. Absolutely perfect for family reunions and larger groups. more info

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Experience Waikuta Lakeside Lodge and Retreat!!

All you have to do is to dream it and we’ll do all the rest!

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Welcome to Waikuta lakeside Lodge and Retreat at Lake Rotorua

Inspired by our backyard, the mountains, the lakes, and the spectacular scenery this is the true essence of Lake Rotorua with no sulphur smells.

Set in the most beautiful and idyllic location to relax and unwind, with so much more to offer than just a place to sleep.

Located a  very short 8km’s from the heart of Rotorua you’ll feel a million miles from anywhere but close enough to enjoy all the events and attractions Rotorua has to offer.

We will always go the extra mile it takes to make sure that your stay with us is one which will be in your memory forever!

Stand on the deck and drink in the sweeping 180 degree views across the lake to Mokoia Island.

A Waikuta Lakeside holiday will tick all of your boxes


Rent one or both of our properties the choice is always absolutely yours…. Waikuta Lakeside Lodge and Retreat are two adjacent standalone properties offering a great option for absolute lakeside holidays.

The Retreat is a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom luxury holiday home for smaller, discerning travellers with a private suite with private bathroom for individual comfort.

The Lodge is a 6 bedroom 3 bathroom rustic boutique holiday home for larger family groups, family celebrations or friends holidaying or enjoying the wonderful sporting and social events all throughout the year.

Please look at the individual information for the Lodge and the Retreat for more comprehensive information about each property.

If your group is larger-

The Retreat and the Lodge can become a combined accommodation alternative for larger family gatherings, celebrations and extended family holidays offering two fully equipped kitchens, two lakeside decks with spa pools and BBQ facilities with plenty of space and plenty to do including free use of the Adult and children’s kayaks with lifejackets.

Very family friendly with a great home away from home feeling The Lodge and The Retreat offer everything you could ever want to have a great holiday.

Baby goods available to lighten the travelling load include Portacots, High chairs and buggies at no extra charge on request. Children 3 years of age and under stay for FREE.

Shopping services, Pantry fillers, Farm to table Chef, in house and out catering available from local suppliers on request, Day Spa and Massage/Sports massage services available from reputable local therapists, additional charges apply.

Airport transfer available from Rotorua Airport  on request.

Time spent here is total relaxation with a range of activities on the lake which will allow for a stay and play or roam and explore holiday where the choice is always yours…. !!!!

At Waikuta Lakeside Lodge and Waikuta Lakeside Retreat we are totally committed to getting it right for our guests and hope you’ll come back to stay again and again and again.

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